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How to get to Lamma Island

Situated off the south west coast of Hong Kong Island it is inevitable that you will need to take a boat to get the Lamma. There are regular operating ferry services from to Lamma Island which are safe, convenient and frequent.

Ferries from Central

Operating from the Central Pier #4 these ferries go to both Sok Kwu Wan and Yeung Shue Wan. Make sure you select the correct ferry as each ferry goes to one destination then returns, the ferries do not visit both parts of Lamma.  The ferry service is operated by Hong Kong & Kowloon ferry company and they operate different time tables on the weekdays, including Saturday, and on Sundays. Therefore be sure to check the ferry schedule.

However as the ferries are so frequent it is no great harm to arrive at the pier and see which ferry goes next. A Spartan waiting room is enlivened by coffee kiosks to let you while the time until the next ferry departure.

Ferries to Yung Shue Wan leave about once every 30 minutes and costs HK$16 per person, while those to Sok Kwu Wan are less frequent at about once per 2 hours and are a little more expensive at HK$19.  Ferry fares on Sundays and public holidays are subject to an extra tariff of about 40% brining the Yung Shue Wan ticket price up to HK$22 per person.

Children and those over 65 are approximately half price.  Fees also apply for pets.

Ferries run from early in the morning around 6am until midnight. There are no ferries during the night and early hours.

Ferries from Aberdeen

Aberdeen Fishing Village is located on the south side of Hong Kong Island and a mixed residential, industrial and fishing area. Being close to Lamma Island it has long offered a ferry service to Lamma. Currently operated by Chueng Kee Ferry Ltd the boats run from 6am until 10pm and operate about once every 90 minutes.

The fares are HK$11 per adult on weekdays and on Sunday are $16.  They leave Aberdeen from the Promenade, near the Jumbo Seafood restaurants pier, and go to first Mo Tat Wan on Lamma, then to Sok Kwu Wan. They do not go to Yeung Shue Wan.

Rainbow Restaurant Ferry

The popular Rainbow Seafood Restaurant runs a free shuttle ferry for their customers which runs from the public piers in Central and Tsimshatsui to the public pier at Yeung She Wan which is right next to their restaurants.

To use this free facility you should make a reservation at the restaurant by phone, email or via their website, then you will be able to board their ferry.  The ferries dock at the Pier 9 in Central and at the Tsimshatsui pier.  In both cases they are adjacent to the the Star Ferry piers therefore it is easy to find them by following signs to Star Ferry, and then looking at the nearby pier.

The Pier 9 in Central is to your right as you face the Central Star Ferry pier, while on Kowloon side the docking place for public boats is at your left as you face the Tsimshatsui Star Ferry pier.  If both are equally convenient then chose the Central Pier as this is larger and easier to wait and to board the boat.

Food and Dining

Because of the heritage of Lamma as a working fishing island there is no shortage of seafood restaurants on the island. Combined with the Cantonese love of fresh seafood and it is not hard to imagine how Lamma has become a go-to place for a seafood dinner.

There a large number of restaurants both at Yung Shue Wan and at Sok Kwu Wan, and both have a main street with a range of seafood restaurants. If Seafood is the main reason for your visit then Sok Kwu Wan will provide all your needs, but if you are interested in a wider range of cuisine and have more time then Yung Shue Wan while give you more choices.

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